Stanton Bridge Primary School


Here at Stanton Bridge we value the opportunities that children have for learning outside the classroom.

Lea Corporation Trip

Some lucky year 5 children went on a school trip to Lear Corporation- they saw how luxury car seats were made, learnt about safety features, and also got to actually sit in the seats! Thank you to Christine and the team for arranging lots of fun activities for our children.

As well as internal visitor such as the Animal Man, Science and the Saxon experience day. Children are taken on a number of trips each year.


Educational trips

Dudley Zoo, West Midlands Safari Park, Selly Manor, Conkers, Gurdwara and Plantasia.











Reward trips

Cinema trips

Meals out

Theme Park




Year 2 Trip to Coventry Autumn 2018 

This half term Year 2 children visited Coventry city centre. Their main focus for the trip was Coventry cathedral as in Design and Technology they were studying cathedrals and making models of them.

This was an amazing experience for children as the trip was set in a way for them to understand how to deal with real life scenarios.

The children walked to the bus stop, waited for the bus which was delayed but they kept on track with this by using the bus timetable displayed on the screen. They paid for their own bus fare, got their ticket and then seated themselves.

On the visit, they stopped at many different attractions to explore what people do at these places.

The children aimed to follow and also remember a certain route as this was their Geography focus. As well as this, they took photographs on iPads using the skills taught and practised in their Computing learning.

In groups of 10, both classes visited Coventry University, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Lady Godiva statue, Central Library, Transport Museum and the Lady Herbert Gardens.

It was a great adventure for the children as they were able to make cross-curricular links and were able to put previous learning in practise.

In fact, this trip has also given them a head start for some of the topics they will be studying after the holidays. The children had a great time and as well as learning a lot, they got to share their own experiences with their friends of previous visits, to these places. They are definitely keen on visiting these places in the city centre more than before.

Year 3 Trip to Birmingham Autumn 2019

The children in year 3 went on an architecture adventure around Birmingham City Centre. They applied their skill of orientation to find our route around the city centre. The children were also able to identify human and physical features within the environment. They looked at the designs of the well known buildings, the history of Birmingham Library and Town Hall.

The children also took part in sketching St Martins' Cathedral using their taught skills in Art.