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Welcome to the Stanton Bridge Pupil Hub.

Here you will find school information, support for your lessons and links to some of your favourite sites we use in school.

Stanton Bridge’s logo was designed many years ago by a Year 6 pupil who having entered the competition was then voted as the most representative logo that fitted in well with the school’s vision statement – ‘Crossing the Bridge to Success.   When the pupil was asked to explain the logo by the judging panel of a mixed group of ‘parent & student councillors’ he stated that the rainbow is there to show that if pupils decided to walk over the rainbow then they could go on to university, but others sitting below the rainbow would equally be successful and could do other things without going to university – they all just needed to cross or sit under the rainbow bridge of success. 

The young man was right, as many of our pupils have since then achieved great learning outcomes and gone on to achieve outstanding outcomes both at secondary school, college and some are now university graduates.  Enjoy looking through the other things pupils of Stanton Bridge have achieved.