Stanton Bridge Primary School



Schools exist to change lives for the better. This is achieved in partnership – between home and school.

For that reason, whilst it is a legal requirement to send your child to school everyday school is open, it could be argued that it is a moral responsibility too. Therefore, it is important that your child attends school for the maximum days, and that they arrive to school on time, ready for learning.

School staff begin both social and academic learning from the moment your child steps on to the school grounds and lines up ready for collection by a staff member – their teacher or teaching assistant.

If they are late, they are already behind, meaning they will have to work harder to catch up on what they have missed. So please ensure that you as a parent are working alongside the school to give your child the best start every day.

Please see the timings for school start and finish and expectations for communication and proof of illness for any absences. Please also note, term time holidays are not allowed.
Each class begins the term at the starting line of our attendance race where they compete together to cross the finish line first. Every member of the class counts - classes that achieve 100% attendance multiple weeks in a row earn themselves a prize. If they are awarded 100% attendance for 4 weeks in a row their class earns a school trip or their choosing!