Stanton Bridge Primary School


It is with a sense of excitement and anticipation that I welcome you to ‘Stanton Bridge Primary School’.  A school where all those who share in the ‘values’ of this organisation will fully experience the true meaning of the school’s ‘Vision’ - ‘Crossing the Bridge to Success’.

This school is fortunate.  It is one that is filled with staff who are passionate about making a difference to some of the most vulnerable pupils in our society – social justice is at the heart of our personal core values.    Whilst our standards and outcomes for our pupils is only but one testimony to this fact, the school goes far beyond that to cater for the whole child and nurture every pupil.  Staff are highly aspirational for all, and in being so, continue to develop and grow in their professional knowledge and practice to ensure experiences that are far reaching for the pupils we serve.   

Pupils at this school learn in ways that are grounded in the field of cognitive science.  In our desire to secure learning for life, and retention of key concepts, staff & I have invested extensively in academic research and reading, resulting in the launching of teaching techniques and practices that support learners to draw on techniques that help strengthen their long-term memory, the retention and successful retrieval of prior knowledge which is essential for continuous growth and development. This work has led us towards applying to become an accredited Thinking School. 

Whilst we are focused on securing strong academic outcomes for our pupils, we are equally invested in securing social, emotional and mental well-being. We offer experiences that support pupils character development through the curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities.  We are a proud community based school that reaches out to meet the wider needs of its pupils and families through free breakfast club and breakfast for all children across the school first thing in the morning, food parcels during school holidays, holiday clubs every break including 4 weeks during the six-week summer break, boot fund, support with school uniform, and soon to re-open Saturday clubs for our vulnerable families where they get to spend time with loved ones in engaging activities complete with free lunch supported by two national business.   

Stanton Bridge Primary School, whilst an average size, two-from entry school with a Nursery, it is on the other hand anything but average when it comes to giving its pupils the very best start in life.   

Please feel welcome to browse our website and look at some of the amazing experiences on offer, and the strong outcomes our pupils achieve.

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Mrs. Sofina Islam OBE, Headteacher