Stanton Bridge Primary School

Student Council

Principles of pupil participation and involvement in the life of their school

The Student Council plays a significant role in the life of the school. From Year 2 upwards, each class elects a representative to sit on the Council. Each Councillor receives ideas and feedback from the children and discusses them at meetings. Where appropriate, the Student Council will then share this 'Pupil Voice' with members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Student council also carries out projects within the school, including taking part in learning walks, uniform surveys and organising fundraising events.

“The student council is a unique team that increases the creativity of all pupils”.

Hornby Scholar June 2018


Work by Student Council

So far this year, members of the student council have worked hard to develop and run events to raise funds for charities including ‘sport relief’.  They have carried out uniform checks, learning walks, lunchtime surveys.  Councillors are currently developing our provision to ensure pupils have access to a balanced, healthy diet when independently making decisions about foods and drinks they consume.  They will use their entrepreneurial skills to run a weekly tuck shop where pupils can access a range of snacks.

Impact of the Student Councils' work

The Council contributes to every edition of the School's newsletter, ensuring that they have a high profile both amongst pupils and the wider community. Children are encouraged to speak to their Councillor if they have any ideas that they would like to put forward for discussion.

The Student council have been very busy completing the Pupil School Evaluation form (SEF) , they have completed a very detailed report.

Pupil School Evlaution Form 2019

School Council Assembly September 2019

Our student council held an assembly where they discussed the results of the school evaluation form with the rest of the school. This form was completed last year where pupils answered questions about life at school, including  Why we enjoy learning, how teachers help us, how do we care for each other, and what makes us feel safe.

It was revealed that the vast majority of pupils enjoy school, and everybody feels safe in school. It was also revealed that the vast majority of pupils felt that the school does help them with their learning.

Great news and well done to our student council for delivering the assembly.