Stanton Bridge Primary School

Entrepreneurial group

February 2020

A group of pupils have been involved in an Entrepreneurial Project as part of our Spark Clubs. Pupils have been working hard in planning a business project and the main aim is to make a profit. Each group was given £20 each which they had to invest to make a profit. Both teams have decided to run a Stanton Bridge Carnival and run some fun fair games with some amazing prizes up for grabs.  

The prizes that will be available to the winners are:

  • Art set
  • Tablet
  • Slime
  • Many other exciting toys and games.

The cost of each activity will be no more than £1.00. Pupils can bring as much money as they want.

Pupils from the Entrepreneurial Project will be running Stanton Bridge Carnival on Thursday 20th February. Pupils will have an opportunity on the games after lunch and after school on the Key Stage 2 playground. Please support the pupils with their project by providing your child with some money, so they can take part in the activities. The team who makes the most profit will be announced on Friday 21st February. Please keep an eye on the newsletter and our school website for the winning team.

If you would like further information, please contact Mr Thuhel.


November 2019

Well done to the children who took part in the Entrepreneurial Club. This club was delivered by Mr T, who used his experience and knowledge on business to ensure pupils get the best out of this Spark group. Pupils were divided into two teams 'Money Maker' and 'Stanton Business', they were given £20 each and they had to invest the £20 to make a profit. The pupils came up with some really good ideas. Some of the ideas were:

  •  Raffle tickets for a toy hamper- £1 per ticket. 
  • Guess how many sweets in a jar- 50p a guess. 
  • Raffle tickets for sweet jar- £1 per ticket.
  • Sweet packets- £1 per bag.

As a reward, if the teams made a profit then they could split the profit within their team. 

They had only one day to sell their items and they worked really hard to drum up as much business as they could. They utilised their persuasive language to encourage children, staff and parents to buy their products. 

Well done to both teams who made a good profit by the end of the day. 

Money Maker made a gross profit of £119.09 and was left with a net profit of £99.09! Each team member walked away with £12.30. 

Stanton Business made a gross profit of £86.75 and was left with a net profit of £66.75! Each team member walked away with £9.50.

The teams worked extremely hard and used their creative skills to ensure they make a profit. Thank you to all the pupils, staff and parents who supported this project and bought raffle tickets. 

Who knows we may have the next Lord Alan Sugar at Stanton Bridge!