Stanton Bridge Primary School

School Clubs


School Clubs and their purpose

We understand the importance of providing wider opportunities, those that not only secure maximum learning chances for our pupils, but too ensures their safety and well-being during and beyond school times. With that in mind the school offers the following range of clubs which fulfills and satisfies the school's aims.

We believe that such a range will prove to consolidate learning that takes place in the classroom, and further develop skills through their application in a range of different context.


We have a key stage 1 multi-skills club which will work on fundamental skills and techniques using a range of sports and activities. We will be working on FMS (fundamental movement skills), ABC's (agility, balance, coordination), hand eye coordination, eye foot coordination and developing spatial awareness. This will help them in everyday life activities as well as sports. 

After School Clubs Timetable 2019-20

Please speak to Mr. T for further information.