Stanton Bridge Primary School

House Leaders

House Leaders

Our house leaders have a very important role within Stanton Bridge. The pupils, who represent each of our house of values are responsible and confident pupils that have taken ownership of their job role and carry out their duties maturely and independently. Mrs Shaw selects a team of 10 house leaders each year from Years 5 and 6. Aqib (returning as a second year House Leader) is a Year 6 pupil who conducts all of the assemblies for house points and star awards. He is a very confident young man who approaches adversities in a calm manner. Last year he even welcomed parents at the Year 6 Graduation ceremony!

House Points

On a weekly basis, House Leaders collect all house points that have been given across the school by looking at each House point display in classrooms. They tally them all up and present the final numbers in our fortnightly House Point assembly. Our House Points Trophy is then awarded to the house with the most points. House Leaders take ownership of these assemblies and set up for the assemblies such as keeping the House Point chart in the hall up to date and collecting the trophy and ribbons before the assembly starts. House Leaders also keep the office staff updated with house point scores for the newsletter.

Star Award

House Leaders also have the responsibility of organising our weekly Star Awards. Each week teachers are given a Star Award certificate by the House Leaders and are told what the Star Award is for. E.g. Excellent learning behaviour, Presentation of work or Being creative. House leaders then present these awards in assembly. House leaders also ensure that our Star Award prize box is brought out at the beginning of assembly and ensure it is replenished. When a pupil is presented an award, they are given a sticker by a house leader and they can take a prize of their choice from our amazing treasure chest! A board near the office displays our weekly star awards and the House Leaders keep this up to date so that any visitors or parents can see all the amazing achievements of our pupils.

Year 6 pupil: “My role is to ensure each child who receives a Star Award certificate is given a sticker. I look after the stickers and bring them to the assembly every week. I enjoy being a House Leader because I love to reward children for their hard work.”
Year 6 pupil: “My role is to collect the house points from the classrooms and to also help in assemblies. I enjoy being a House Leader because it has made me more confident.”