Stanton Bridge Primary School

Eco Committee


The Eco Committee is a select group of pupils with the opportunity to have their say in how we care for our school environment and contribute to the world’s overall sustainability. It also allows for pupils to develop real life skills and knowledge that will help them not only to be successful as young adults but as future advocates for the environment.

At Stanton Bridge we know that making eco friendly decisions and looking after our environment is important. In recognition of this we decided to create the Eco Committee in September 2014 to lead us in developing both Stanton Bridge’s local environment and gaining knowledge of how to make the world more sustainable. The group describes themselves as being responsible, intelligent and confident young people who want to make this school the greenest it can be! And contribute to a positive global sustainability.

Aims of the Eco Committee and its role within Stanton Bridge School.

  • To help our children and pupils to develop life long-skills in dealing with day-to-day life.
  • To provide children and pupils with the opportunity to gain new knowledge about local and global environmental issues.
  • To encourage children and pupils to develop a hands on attitude to caring for their own environment and the whole worlds.
  • To take responsibility for their school environments care, upkeep and improvement.

The committee is currently looking into a number of projects we can complete this year so look out for exciting developments soon.
Eco Wardens also take part into one of the additional groups below:

  • Weather Monitors
  • Litter and Recycling Monitors
  • Energy Monitors

The Eco Wardens also make reports every term back to the school as a whole by leading their own assemblies. This is with the aim of educating their peers about the environment and encouraging them to achieve Stanton Bridge’s three main environmental focuses this year; reducing energy, waste and litter.

Proud Stanton Bridge Eco Committee Members
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