Stanton Bridge Primary School

App of the month

The Digital leaders look at and use a range of Apps on the iPad. The children thought of the idea of having an app of the month. 

Below are the details of the digital leader's app of the month for 2019. 

  • Digital leader's App of the month

  • July 2019

Book Creator
“Book Creator is a fun way to create your own books. I like how you can add colours, pictures, sounds to make them interesting."

  • June 2019

“Popplet is a great free app that lets you create mind maps. You can add pictures, diagrams and change colours. It is very easy to use!”

  • May 2019

“It is a fun quiz app. It can test you in an exciting way. We have been trialling it with Mr Wilkinson”


  • April 2019

  “It lets you show your musical side! It has a fantastic range of instruments to use”.

  • March 2019

“You can create your own exciting movies! It is so much fun.”

  • February 2019

Chatter Pix Kids
“It is a fun and easy to use app. You can turn anything into a talking character. Simply take any photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice”.
  • January 2019

King of Maths
“A fun free maths app. This will improve your mental maths and give you lots of challenges”