Stanton Bridge Primary School

Dental Nurse Workshop

Dental Nurse Workshop

The school dental nurse is invited to our school to deliver some workshops to the following year groups:


*   Year 1: Tuesday 4th December 2018- afternoon

*   Year 3: Monday 10th December 2018- Afternoon

*   Year 6: Tuesday 11th December 2018- One class

*   Year 6: Wednesday 12th December 2018- One class


The workshop will consist of:

1- Healthy eating
2- Importance of brushing your teeth
3- Healthy lifestyle








Year 1 Dental Hygiene Workshop


The dental nurse will not be checking pupils teeth and the workshop is only to give pupils important information regarding dental care.

If you any questions please feel free to contact Mr Thuhel. 

Please follow the links below for more information:

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