Stanton Bridge Primary School

2019-20 projects

Art in the Park

September 2019

3S worked alongside other schools in a community project called ‘Art in the Park’ at Edgwick Park. Pupils worked at different stations with park rangers and professional artists using natural materials. Please make sure you go and see the pupil’s work which is displayed around the park! Here are some pictures to share with you from our visit.

Healthy Eating Workshop December 2019

As part of year 3's work with Wasps, the children have been looking at the nutrition labels on food packages to see how much sugar they contain. First they predicted how much sugar each package may have and then investigated their predictions by looking at the packages. The children learnt that if the sugar label is green it is contains very little sugar so it is good for you, if it is orange then it has some sugar and it is not too good for you and if it is red then it contains a lot of sugar so it is not good for you at all. 

January 2020 Happy Chinese New Year-gong hei fat choy
​Pupils in KS2 celebrated Chinese New Year and learnt about the importance of this celebration. Pupils took part in a  coordinated dance to bring the dragon to life!