Stanton Bridge Primary School

System Leadership

System Leadership at Stanton Bridge Multi-Academy Trust


Stanton Bridge Multi-Academy Trust is committed to ongoing school improvement through innovation and collaboration. The founding school, Stanton Bridge Primary, has a strong track record in developing best practices which have secured excellent and sustained pupil progress and achievement over time. As such, opportunities to work in partnership with other schools lies at the heart of our strategic plans.


What is System Leadership?

Systems leadership goes beyond the individual school to influence education, achievement and well-being of children more widely. The aim is to work with others so all schools are continually improving and offering the highest standard of education and best possible life chances to the pupils they serve.

There is a system focus on collaborative partnership, sharing expertise and disseminating high leverage best practice.


What are the benefits of systems leadership?

  • Empower leaders to make change happen
  • Create space for innovation
  • Establish a climate for improvement
  • Influence an educational system and challenge the status quo
  • Focus resources on frontline education

Systems leadership at Stanton Bridge goes beyond the Headteacher and senior leaders and includes other leaders and teachers, thus going deeper and wider. In providing support and challenge to other schools, as well as disseminating best practice, we receive reciprocal benefits through observation, evaluation, reflection and joint practice development that leads to school improvement.


Why does school-to-school support work so well?

System Leaders at Stanton Bridge Multi-Academy Trust work with others in a climate of mutual support and challenge. We develop effective relationships with the professionals we work alongside based upon trust and honesty, championing best practice and striving for improved outcomes for all children. Our System Leaders model innovative approaches to school improvement and leadership based on proven best-practice strategies and policies.