Stanton Bridge Primary School


Mrs. Islam Head teacher

I am Headteacher of Stanton bridge primary school, a school in a challenging context, by choice. I trained as a teacher and on acquiring my first post in a 750 pupils large inner city primary school, I gained much experience whilst affirming my values and belief, premised upon respect and steered by my commitment to social justice. Thereon, I was driven by an innate desire to pursue my career through giving my utmost to the most vulnerable children in our society, but in order to truly do so, I knew I had to do two things: keep learning and work relentlessly. 

Hence, having completed my first degree I went back to study for an MA in Leadership and Management, whilst working to completed my National Professional Qualification for Headship and in recent years as head I have trained as an Ofsted Inspector, while I have trained and too worked as a National Leader of Education, a Pupil Premium Reviewer and Executive Head. I have part completed my Doctorate in Leaders and Leadership. All of what I have accomplished and continue to work to accomplish has been purely to secure sound knowledge and skills for effective and highly effective decision making for appropriate and relevant provision for pupils, staff and community. 

Today, I am exceptionally privileged and honoured to be leading staff who share my vision and are truly committed to the agenda of success for all. Stanton Bridge- our vision statement being that all who come here, experience success - 'Crossing the Bridge to Success'. 

One thing I can promise the community is that I will always work hard to ensure every child who comes to our school to learn, leaves having learned great social and moral values alongside their academic achievements so that they can be fully rounded individuals.

I do not wish to point out the school's already great successes in accomplishing much of what I've mentioned above, but invite all to look through our website to draw on information that spells out what our school does for its pupils.  Enjoy exploring.


Miss. Cooper Deputy Head

I began my career at Stanton Bridge in 2010 as a year 6 teacher and have been afforded many opportunities to develop as a manager and leader during this time. As a deputy headteacher I am lucky enough to work across school with a range of hardworking, dedicated staff who work tirelessly to provide the pupils and community we serve with a high level of education and service.

As an educator, I believe in providing all pupils with opportunities, challenge and the encouragement to strive to be the best they can be and to develop into young adults who are confident and well equipped for the next stage of their lives.

I feel extremely lucky and privileged to be part of Stanton Bridge and to have the unique chance to guide and support others – both practitioners and pupils. I hope to be able to share my passion and love for education, in its many forms, for many more years to come. I am proud to be a part of the Stanton Bridge family and look forward to working in partnership with the staff, parents and pupils in whatever adventures we seek next.

Miss. Shelina Deputy Head

As one of the DHTs, it continues to be a real pleasure in working in a school in challenging context such as Stanton Bridge Academy alongside my colleagues.  I joined the school in 2011 and have had some of the most amazing experiences in working with a range of different and diverse groups in my different roles but even more so as a Deputy Head.  Hence, the different roles naturally led to my getting to know many more of the pupils and their families and in so doing, this enables me to do my job in a more informed manner; meeting the needs of many.  

Before joining Stanton Bridge, I obtained a Degree at Warwick University studying ‘Biomedical Chemistry’ in order to pursue a career in Medicine. However, this all changed when I found myself volunteering at Stanton Bridge. I became so passionate about teaching and found myself being encouraged to consider it more seriously as a profession both by staff at the school and a visiting Head from another, that to my surprise, I changed my career path from Medicine to Education.  Hence, alongside completing my Graduate Teaching Programme within half the time, working full-time in teaching and part-time on my Masters in Education, it has been the most enjoyable, highly challenging, but most rewarding move I have ever made.

Being appointed Deputy Head whilst a honour, it too is a great responsibility and one which I take seriously enough to know that in our school, 2nd best is just not good enough - only the best is what is acceptable, therefore, I promise to always give my very best to the school and our pupils through my many responsibilities.  My main responsibility is for teaching and learning throughout the school, securing best practice, supporting staff development and managing newly qualified teachers.  I too am responsible for leading mathematics, whilst continuing to lead on science and keeping a strategic overview of computing curriculum.   

Our expectations are very high, both in work and behaviour always doing our utmost to ensure a curriculum that is well rounded, broad and balanced, strategy and skill led, enabling our pupils to grow in confidence and to develop strong social skills that will ensure that they are well placed in their next phase of learning, and in time, the 21st century global market.  I work with a large team of dedicated and talented staff, and together we work relentlessly to ensure that we provide the best opportunities and experiences that all children deserve. It is an extremely exciting time for our school on its journey of continued improvement and I look forward to continuing to work with all pupils and their families with alongside the staff and governors of Stanton Bridge Primary School, ensuring the very best is offered to our pupils. 

There is no limit to what can be achieved when we work together in partnership hence we genuinely value your feedback and ongoing support. 


Mrs. Panesar Deputy Head

I joined Stanton Bridge in July 2019 as one of the deputy headteachers and I will be here for a year covering a maternity leave.  What attracted me to work at Stanton Bridge is the passion everyone showed in facilitating great learning and that the children are always at the heart of all decisions that are made.  Already I feel part of a special educational family, which strives to nurture and develop all members of their community. 

I am an experienced teacher, with over sixteen years of teaching across all key stages.  Over the years I have been a Phase leader, Assistant Head Teacher and more recently over the last few years I have been a Deputy Head Teacher.  In my role as a leader I have lead EYFS, English, curriculum, attendance and behavior.   I have been a lead Designated Safeguarding lead and I am a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) in EYFS. 

Being part of Stanton Bridge School provides me the opportunity to, create special relationships with the children, families, colleagues and the wider community; take on the vision and ethos of the school and continue to develop as an educational professional.  Stanton Bridge is a place where I feel privileged to contribute to and be part of the learning journey, which ensures all the children are inspired and well prepared for the ever-changing future of the 21st century.

I am excited to take on the responsibility to teach and lead at Stanton Bridge, which allows me to improve life chances for our pupils by removing barriers to learning, to ensure all pupils achieve their potential and become compassionate global citizens.  I am committed to the challenge of further improving the high standards in all phases across the school and making Stanton Bridge an outstanding place to learn and teach.



My name is Mr Thuhel and I have the pleasure of working at Stanton Bridge Primary School for over 7 years now. My role is the Senior Learning Mentor/ Designated safeguarding lead and working alongside our Senco in supporting our vulnerable families and children with additional needs, trying to provide a bespoke intervention to overcome any barriers to learning.  I am part of the senior management team and it is a privilege to be part of an outstanding leadership team who thrive to develop teaching and young people's lives. I have recently completed my degree with Open University and specialised my degree around education and young people. I hope to continue my studies with masters as I believe education is part of lifelong learning. I specifically selected modules which will benefit me in my role such as Equality, Inclusion, Participation and learning from others. I have also just recently completed my QTS through assessment route only. The head teacher and governors are very supportive and provide excellent CPD opportunities. I am very grateful for the opportunities they have given me, for me to grow in my profession. The support and CPD I received has enabled me to give the very best to our children. 

I am the behaviour manager and work with staff and pupils across the school. I also manage our After-school clubs, Holiday clubs and Saturday club, allowing children to take part in fun recreational activities in a safe environment outside of their normal school hours. Stanton Bridge Primary School is a unique school to work at, as the staff are there to support and develop children. The culture within the organisation is a positive one and it is very rewarding working here as we do make a difference to young people's lives. We are here to serve the children and community and provide an education in a safe environment so they too can grow up to be successful professionals. We provide the first stepping stone in their educational and social life so they can 'cross the bridge to success'. I can happily say it's a privilege to be a part of such an amazing school.