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What services does the school use to support pupils with Special Educational Needs?

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Stanton Bridge Primary School work with many services and professionals who support our SEND pupils. Below is list of professionals:

Agency or service
Who they work with

Educational Psychologist

Dr Raj Pahil

Children with more significant and complex learning needs. 

Provide school staff with advice on teaching strategies, resources, individual and whole school training

SEMT: Social, emotional and Mental health Team.

Mel Toller

Provide school staff with advice on teaching strategies and resources, individual and whole school training to support pupils with difficulties in language, literacy and Maths.

Support and recommendations with social, emotional, mental health and wellbeing.

Complex Communication Team

Lynda Griffiths

Children with social and communication difficulties or a diagnosis of Autism.

Provide individual and whole school training for staff with advice on teaching strategies, resources for pupils with Autism.

Speech and Language Therapy Service (SaLT)

Children who are referred by the GP or school who have specific speech or language needs. Provide school with advice on work that can be carried out in school as well as providing specific programs in clinic.

Sensory Support Service

Habilitation specialist for visual impairment

Children with visual or hearing impairments. Provide school with advice regarding resources and strategies to support children with sensory impairments.

Habilitation support for visual impaired pupils.

Health Professionals

Provide advice and support for staff working with individual children with health needs.

School Nurse

Occupational therapist



Children with specific mental health issues e.g. anxiety/depression.

Counsellor – CBT trained (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy).

Counselling service for pupils who need support with their anxiety and anger.