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How are pupils with Speecial Educational Needs monitored and reviewed?

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Reviewing provision for SEND Pupils
The class teacher will discuss the support your child is getting in class on a termly basis during parents evening and review the progress. You can also request a meeting with the class teacher at another time if you need to discuss further concerns or questions. Mr Thuhel (SENDCO) is also available if parents would like to discuss their child’s provision or progress during parents evening. Some pupils have Individual Educational Plan (IEP) which are created by the class teacher. These are measurable targets and are reviewed every half term and they are shared with parents. Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan will have an annual review each year.


As a school we measure children’s progress in learning against National expectations and age-related expectations. We make formal assessments four times a year. Pupil progress meetings are held three times a year. This is a meeting where the class teacher meets the phase leaders or Deputy Headteacher to discuss the progress of the pupils in their class. This shared discussion may highlight any concerns so that further support can be planned. The class teacher also continually assesses and monitors each child and notes where further support is needed.
SEN Governor
Meetings take place every term the SEND governor and the SENDCO reports to the governor responsible for SEN about the progress of children with SEND; this report does not refer to individual children and confidentiality is always maintained. Any concerns or celebrations are discussed in this meeting.