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How does the school identify if a child has Special Educational Needs and how will parents be involved?

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At Stanton Bridge Primary School, we take a graduated response to identifying when children have special educational needs and we focus on identifying additional needs as early as possible.
All pupils’ progress; academic, socially, emotional and mental health, is regularly monitored by teachers and the Senior Management Team at Stanton Bridge Primary School. Any concerns about a child are dealt with immediately and with urgency, involving the relevant professionals when required. Parents are able to discuss their child with either the class teacher, the SENCO or the Senior Leadership Team. The updated Code of Practice, highlights the main areas of SEND. The following four broad areas are covered:
  • General Learning Needs: Cognition and Learning

  • Communication Needs: Communication and Interaction

  • Emotional and Social Needs

  • Physical and/or Sensory needs

These areas are already comprehensively covered by our school’s existing provision. However, in recognition of these changes, we at Stanton Bridge Primary School have produced our Local Offer of the support provided to reflect this. Our School Offer provides details of the resources, interventions and like that we provide to support children with SEND. Due to the constant changing needs of our children, there may be additional support available to our children. The intention is to continue to provide our pupils with a ‘bespoke’ approach designed to cater for that individual.
Allocation of Places

Pupils with SEND are allocated places in two separate and distinct ways:

  • Those pupils with Statements or Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) have a separate admissions procedure overseen by the SEND team at Coventry City Council.

  • Those pupils who have SEND but do not have a statement or EHCP are admitted via the normal school admission criteria.

If you would like further information about what we offer at Stanton Bridge Primary School, then please do not hesitate to contact our  SENCO and Inclusion Manager: Mr Thuhel, on: 024 7668 8992.

Identification of SEND Pupils