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What if my child has a specific medical need?

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Pupils with medical needs

At Stanton Bridge Primary School, we aim to ensure that all children can be fully involved in all aspects of school life, regardless of any medical conditions they may have. If your child requires medication in school, we are usually able to support with administering this medication.  If your child requires medication during the school day, you should speak to the school office or the class teacher and complete the relevant paperwork. On a day to day basis the school office oversees the administration of any medication and the class teachers manages the medicines that are kept in school.

If your child has a complex medical need, you should discuss is with Miss Cooper (Deputy Head Teacher) or Mr Thuhel (SENDCO). They will work with yourself, the school nurse and any other medical professionals involved to compile an individual health care plan. These plans are discussed with all staff who are involved with the child. If special arrangements or facilities are required to support your child’s medical needs, you should speak to Miss Cooper or Mr Thuhel who will arrange for the special arrangements to be made in conjunction with Mrs Islam.  Full details of how we support children with medical conditions can be found in the policy on the school website.

All staff have regular training regarding conditions and medication affecting individual children so that all staff can manage medical situations. There is several first aid trained staff in school.