Stanton Bridge Primary School

Headteacher's Welcome

I am Headteacher of Stanton Bridge Primary School, a school in a challenging context, by choice. I trained as a teacher and on acquiring my first post in a 750 pupil, large inner-city primary school, I gained much experience whilst affirming my values and beliefs, premised upon respect and steered by my commitment to social justice. Thereon, I was driven by an innate desire to pursue my career through giving my utmost to the most vulnerable children in our society, but in order to truly do so, I knew I had to do two things: keep learning and work relentlessly.

Hence, having completed my first degree I went back to study for an MA in Leadership and Management, whilst working to complete my National Professional Qualification for Headship. In recent years, as head, I have trained as an Ofsted Inspector, worked as a National Leader of Education, a Pupil Premium Reviewer and Executive Head. I have partly completed my Doctorate in Leaders and Leadership. All of what I have accomplished, and continue to work to accomplish, has been purely to secure sound knowledge and skills for effective and highly effective decision making for appropriate and relevant provision for pupils, staff and the community.

Today, I am exceptionally privileged and honoured to be leading staff who share my vision and are truly committed to the agenda of success for all. Stanton Bridge- our vision statement being that all who come here, experience success - 'Crossing the Bridge to Success'.

One thing I can promise the community, is that I will always work hard to ensure every child who comes to our school learns and leaves having learned great social and moral values alongside their academic achievements, so that they can be fully rounded individuals.

Mrs Sofina Islam OBE