Stanton Bridge Primary School

Well Being Champions

  • Maliha 5S- "If I find a pupil who says 'Icouldn't do my work today'. I would show them the growth mindset tree in the classroom. I would say 'use the growth mindset tree and if you use growth mindset everything will be okay".
  • Anas 6C- "I can ask my teacher if II can talk to him/her to ask why they are sad, tired or bored. They can also go to Mr. Mohammed and speak to him.
  • Mena 6C- "Making them feel better by giving them advice and taking them to Mr. T's office so he can help solve the problem".
  • Sirat 6H- "For eample, if a child is upset at lunch time and sitting on a bench, you can go up to them and ask them what's wrong. You can tell them to go to Mr. T's office for bubble time".
  • Joy 6H- I am a good team leader as I am helpful to teachers and students. At meetings, I am able to gtive good examples to teachers to help the well-being".
  • Ragveer 5S- "Encourage a growth mindset, instead of a fixed mindset. Teaching them what they can do. They can put their name down for bubble time with Mr. T or Mr. Mohammed".
  • Eiliyah 5S- "We should go and ask them who made you cry and what's bothering them".
  • Mahnoor 5B- "If a person can't cope with their feelings and they have lots of stress in school, we can help them by entertaining them as a friend and saying positive things to make them have happy feelings".
  • Jacob 5B- "If you are on the playground and are feeling really sad, I will help you and help you solve your problem. I will also guide you to Mr. Mohammed's office so you can tell him your problems and feel safe".
  • Raameen 4B- "A well-being champion requires confidence and kindness. If you are struggling with work, you can ask a teacher or someone sitting next to you for help".
  • Ayham 4B- "If you see a friend on the playground all alone you can ask if they want to play or you can help them look for their friends".
  • Constantin 4G- "If you see anyone feeling sad on the playground, you could get your friends to play with them or you can play with them by yourself with fun games that they like and you like".
  • Greater 4G- "Have a growth mind set and keep trying. We can tell them about school and how to be a good friend. We can make people happy by telling them to do all the right things".