Stanton Bridge Primary School

Pupil Wellbeing

Bubble Time


Children have the opportunity to discuss their issues or concerns through ‘Bubble Time’. Children can write their name on the board which is located outside the Mentor’s office.

The Mentor will then make time to have a discussion with the child and solve any issues. Even if it just a chat they want. All new pupils who start Stanton Bridge are told about Bubble Time and children feel valued and cared for.

Bubble Time gives pupils the opportunity to discuss their feelings in a calm and relaxed environment.


Academic year 2018-2019
  • Pupil 1 (Year 6)- 'When I am upset about things that are happening at home or at school, I know that I can talk to the mentors and they will help me to feel better'.
  • Pupil 2 (Year 4) 'There's been a few times where I've been upset because my friends have fallen out with me on the playground, but things always get sorted out after I speak to the mentors'.
  • Pupil 3 (Year 5) 'Bubble time conversations make me feel more confident about myself and believe in myself a little bit more'.
  • Pupil 4 (Year 6) 'I like how things are private and dealt with in a calm way'.




Making the right choice

Daily we work with children to develop their confidence in every area of their life, from social friendship to emotional challenges to create a better learning environment.

Quality time is spent with children who are on our register as well as other children who make up our pupils population. We strongly believe that every child should have a voice, and that voice have the right to be acknowledged, understood and their suggestions and concerns are dealt with, with great urgency as every child matters.

Our aim is to ensure the safety of every child in our school, and to take stock of their daily well-being from personal care to their educational aspirations.

We totally understand that our job is very important, as we have the opportunity to bridge the gap between the home child and school. We accept the responsibility of caring for every child that is referred to us or voluntarily comes to us for support and to feel safe.

It is in every child’s best interest that situation brought to us that are of a serious nature, be referred to our child protection link adviser based in school in order to protect the child’s well being.

In the causes of minor situations we discuss the issue/s with the child or children involve, identifying the main cause/s associated with the problem, highlighting where and who instigated the issue, allowing the children to identify how and

what could have taken place differently. We encourage our pupils to think before they act, taking time to make the right choice.

Our future aim is to develop confident thinkers who are able to assess a situation that is being developed and make the right choice.

Although, we cater for emotional and behavioural needs, we do offer tutorial service to some children who are falling below their target. Support is given in correlation with their class teacher. On some occasion, work is tailor made to support some children who are operating at a slow pace of development. We also monitor attendance and encourage children to attend school; we also give out rewards to the children that achieve 100% attendance.

Some of the services we use to help enable our children to make developments are:

  • LAWSS: Learning and Wellbeing Support Services
  • Education Psychologist
  • School Nurse
  • Speech and Language
  • Children and Families First Team
  • “We help and support the children so they can cross the bridge to success”.