Stanton Bridge Primary School

Employee of the Month

Here at Stanton Bridge we value the contribution of all members of staff. Each month we have an employee of the month that is confidentially voted on by the whole staff.


Previous winners


Miss. Shelina (Deputy Head)

I felt very humbled to have received the employee of the month status and pleased to have been recognised for my endeavors. It is always nice to know that staff appreciate management support. 

I think it's great to be recognised and feel valued on the job as this impacts on happiness and well-being positively. People who feel valued are more likely to report a variety of positive results, including feeling more engaged, achieve job satisfaction and be more motivated.

My negotiated prize was to spend an afternoon with family. 

Mrs Shaw (Teaching Assistant)

Stanton Bridge, which I don’t believe many schools do, have started an employee of the month system every month, it’s an great opportunity to recognise and show appreciation to staff and the hard work that they do. 

I won employee of the month and after winning I felt, as well as shocked, very appreciated and felt like my hard work had been noticed. It felt very rewarding. I received, as a prize for winning, half a day off in the morning. It’s an amazing idea that I think really celebrates efforts of staff and boosts morale.

Mrs Lal (SEN  Teaching Assistant)

It came as a wonderful surprise to be told that I was the employee of the month. To know that my work colleagues voted for me and they felt that I have made an important contribution to school life was humbling and made the award very special. This award has made me feel an even more valued part of a great forward- thinking team.

I kindly received time out from school to visit my daughter’s end of year school awards ceremony. It was greatly appreciated as I normally would not have been able witness this event.

I feel the employee of the month award is a worthwhile award as it appreciates all the hard work that all the staff at Stanton Bridge do on a daily basis and gives an extra boost to our well-being. I look forward to seeing who the employee of the month is each month as we are all respected and celebrated for our individual talents.

Mr. Grecu (EAL Teacher)

When I won the 'staff of the month' prize I was surprised because anybody from our staff could win it. Everybody in our school is very dedicated and are putting extra effort in what they are doing. I think this prize makes everybody more appreciative towards colleagues and to nominate somebody for them contribution to our organisation.
I remember that my son was very happy that I could go for half a day to his Reception class induction and for me it was very rewarding to meet my son's class teacher and support staff.

Mr Caldwell (Teacher)

For my award for staff member of the month I received a half days leave which meant I was able to go for a brunch date with my wife. This felt all the more special because it happened during school time a thing almost unheard of for teachers. I was also included in the group of staff who were offered a massage in the summer term It was very nice to be pampered.


Mr Ali (PE Coach)

I was really shocked when I had found out I won staff of the month but also very humbled. I did not expect it at all, but it is always nice to be appreciated by your colleagues so it must mean I am
As a result, I had an afternoon out where I was pampered which was truly amazing and relaxing. In my opinion staff member of the month really celebrates the staff who go above the everyday life of the school by the people they work closely with.