Stanton Bridge Primary School

Mental Health

Here at Stanton Bridge we are committed to improving the wellbeing and mental health of children  and aim for have good mental health for all children and adults.
Below are some links for you to look into.

 Contains support and links to other

Organisations that can help



Contact a Family

Family Lives



CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

Children and Young People's Mental Health Coalition (CYPMHC)

2020-21 resources

Dealing with anxiety

Dragonfly have published a free booklet about how to deal with anxiety and how it could impact education.

This resource will give you some information about: 

• What anxiety is
• How to spot the signs
• Tips for parents
• Tips for young people
• Where you can find more help

Dealing with Anxiety booklet

July 2019

The following questionnaire was completed by Year 5 and 6  pupils at our school. We have applied for an award which supports Well-being and Mental Health which is high in the governments agenda.

Pupil Well Being Questionnaire July 2019

Blank Well Being Questionnaire


World Mental Health Day 2019

For world mental health day on 10/10/19, we focused our school day around raising awareness of mental health and emotional wellbeing. We did an assembly for years 1-6 where staff spoke about how our school supports children’s emotional wellbeing, and who children can speak to if they feel worried about something.


In the afternoon all classes watched a live video on the BBC Teach website around mental health and emotional wellbeing, having a growth mindset, and developing resilience. Children and staff said this was really beneficial and everybody enjoyed this activity. The children then worked activity sheets where they were given different scenarios and had to explain what advice they would give these different people who were feeling anxious, had low self-esteem etc.


The live video children watched on the BBC teach website is still available on this link, feel free to have a look at

Children’s mental health week 2020

For Children’s mental health week, we raised awareness and educated children, this was done via an assembly where staff discussed what wellbeing is, why it is important, and different coping strategies for anxiety or anger. Staff used their PSHCEE lessons for this week to visit the 'time to change' website in order to share activities and video clips with the children. Children also had the opportunity to design wellbeing posters to go around the school.


Time to Talk Day

As part of our work towards the Wellbeing Award for School (WAS) the whole school has taken part in "Time to Talk day 2020" (6/2/2020). The day was about raising awareness of mental health and giving young people an opportunity to discuss issues around mental health and explore ways of coping with stressful situations or helping friends who are experiencing difficulties.