Stanton Bridge Primary School

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Our Mission and Vision statement:

“Wellbeing for life”

The mental health and wellbeing of our school community (pupils, parents and staff) is fundamental to our school philosophy and ethos. This ethos is to value everybody and to care for each other and in so doing, we have managed to secure a culture of alert awareness and sensitive to everyone’s needs.  We strongly believe that these factors are key in achieving excellence in all that we do and in so doing, we can maximise opportunities and achievements for all.

We believe that mental health is the responsibility of all. We too recognise that anyone one can suffer from mental health and wellbeing issues at any one point in their lives. So we have implemented a range of strategies to support the wellbeing of all, not excluding signposting and referring to external services. 

Our systems and structure enable all to quickly navigate through processes that are solution based. Such as our ‘One Person Rule’ for staff, our ‘Bubble Time’ for pupils and our workshops and other forms of communication with parents. Our wellbeing strategy aims to bring to life the school’s core values of confidence, harmony, independence, respect, aspiration and honesty.  Hence our vision is to promote and develop the resilience and the ability to reach out for support as and when needed, as it is a vital life skill, and is essential to achieving success in life, now and in the future.

Online safety is an area that whilst we acknowledge is the way forward, we equally acknowledge the potential dangers out community and pupils could face.  Hence, with that in mind, we have delivered workshops for pupils and parents for online digital safety measures, whilst remaining rigorous in our monitoring of online activities by pupils, and taking urgent necessary steps if any concerns arise. We also signpost pupils to appropriate organisations to provide support.

It gives us great pleasure in announcing that our work under the well-being agenda was officially recognised by the awarding body ‘Optimus Education’ resulting in achieving the prestigious ‘Well – Being Award’ for all that we do for our entire school community.   Going through the award process has enabled us to evaluate our current provision and to further develop our approach and our offers. We aim to continue to provide support for all, going from strength to strength alongside our stakeholders on tackling mental health care issues. 

Our latest investment for contributing to the well-being of pupils and staff resulted in the purchase of the 'Activall' Exercise Boards.   These boards have a range of different game modes which develop a whole host of skills, not least contributing towards mental health.  Thank you, Mrs Islam and the Trust Board, for approving its purchase!



Wellbeing Award for Schools

We have now officially been awarded the ‘Wellbeing award for schools’. Thank you to all key stakeholders for your support, and thank you to the wellbeing team for all of your efforts. 

For more information on Mental Health and Wellbeing please see Mental Health section.
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