Stanton Bridge Primary School

School Uniform

School uniform creates a sense of belonging, to feel part of a wider group and as one. We expect all children to come to school dressed in school uniform, in failing to do so, unless a valid excuse is presented before the child comes into school, parents/guardians can expect a phone call to immediately to rectify the situation.  

Please see below for uniform requirements and prices.


  • Boys should wear:

Black or grey trousers

Black school shoes - no trainers permitted

White shirt or polo shirt

Black or grey socks

School sweatshirt

  • Girls should wear:

Grey or black school skirt or trousers

Flat Black School Shoes - no trainers or sandals permitted

White Shirt or polo shirt

White, grey or black socks or tights

School Sweatshirt or cardigan

Plain purple, black or white school headscarf

  • Sensible hairstyles should be worn for school – no “fashion statements” such as coloured hair, shaved in lines or styles such as "Mohican".
  • Jewellery should be kept minimal, if worn, earrings should be small studs.
  • For further details please refer to the school uniform policy
  • School Uniform can be bought/ ordered from the Front office.