Stanton Bridge Primary School

Road Safety

It is well clear that parking at the beginning and end of the school day is a problem at our school. There is a lot of congestion and parents parking close to the school/inside our school car park are causing danger to our children. Research shows that year on year in the UK many children are dying and suffering injuries during school runs.

Parents are advised to walk to school if they can. If you have to come by car, try to share trips with neighbours or friends, and please park properly. It is also an option to park a little further away from the school grounds on neighbouring streets and walk a short distance with your children.

There are going to be parking signs placed outside the school gates- no parking, think before you park, and slow down. Please show respect and take notice of these signs as they are there to keep everybody safe.

Thank you for helping to keep our school a safe place.


Road Safety Week 2019

For road safety week  (W/C 18/11/19) we did a range of activities for the children. We had a whole school road safety assembly, and some teachers will be using their PHSE lesson to discuss road safety.

We also had a special visit from our police community support officer Rachel, who spent 15 minutes in each class from year 1-6 talking to the children and answering any questions. The children really enjoyed this visit and learnt lots of important information about how to cross the road safely.



New School Road Safety Signs 

September 2019

We had an important road safety assembly for the children on 12/09/19. A few days prior to the assembly, Mrs Lal took some children just outside the school premises to learn about the effects of dangerous parking, the meaning of different road signs, and the importance of road safety. These children then came to the front of assembly and explained what they had learnt to the children.

Mr Mohamed revealed statistics regarding how many children are killed and injured during school runs each year. Mrs Gilroy encouraged the children to go home and encourage parents to park safely away from the school premises in order to protect our children and keep them safe.




Road Safety Week 2018

Road safety week is a nationwide event that helps people to stay safe on the roads. We had an assembly about road safety on Monday 19th November 2018, where children learnt lots of important things about road safety such as;

* How to stay safe on the roads (Wear seat belts, use lollipop man and zebra crossing)
* Rules to keep ourselves safe (Don’t cross the road without an adult and use the green cross code and look left and right)
* Green cross code (Stop before getting to the kerb, look and listen for traffic, wait until it’s safe to cross, and walk straight across the road)

The children then had a quiz to check they had listened well and recapped what was said in assembly. They were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the assembly.

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