Stanton Bridge Primary School



For anti bullying week this year we provided a wide range of activities for the children. Children used their PSHCEE lesson to cover anti bullying. The theme for 2019 was 'change starts with us'.

Children used this lesson to learn about many things such as what is bullying, what the school does to prevent bullying, how can we help others if they are being bullied, and about how all children should feel happy and safe. 

VR Workshop

For Anti Bullying week Years 4-6 experienced an interactive VR workshop. The workshop featured different scenarios and all the children were excited and engaged in learning about anti bullying in this interesting way. 

Anti-Bullying Assembly 
We held a school assembly for all children in years 1- 6. Mr Mohammed shared the theme for this year 'change starts with us'. The children learnt about many things such as what is bullying, what the school does to prevent bullying, how can we help others if they are being bullied, and how all children should feel happy and safe. 
Anti-Bullying Poster competiton

We had a special assembly for our anti-bullying poster competition winners. We announced which posters were going to be displayed around the school and also announced which children finished in first and second place. The children that finished first and second are going to choose prizes from Argos worth £15. All children that entered the competition were given 50 house points each!

Well done to all that took part and especially MA and AP for finishing first and second.



  • 2018

Anti Bullying Workshop - Loudmouth

On Friday 16/11/18, we had an anti bullying workshop for children in the hall. The session was delivered by staff members from Loudmouth (Visit for more information on them). The staff acted out a play for the children where they played victims being bullied, and then changed into ‘’Bully busters’’ who challenged bullying and came up with solutions. The children were taught the following things in a fun and exciting way;

* Stop concept-"several times on purpose"

* Different types of bullying such as physical and emotional

* Information about childline and the contact number

* "Don't be a bystander be a friend"

* What cyber bullying is and how to deal with it

* Information about mental health and counselling

The children loved the session and asked lots of questions at the end.

Anti-bullying Week Competition 

For Anti-bullying week, we had a competition where children across the school had to design Anti-bullying posters. We had many entries and some of the posters were very impressive! It was a very hard decision but in the end we narrowed it down to one winner and one runner up. NA took first place because her poster was very informative and eye catching, and for the same reasons Fahima was given the runner up position.

These children spent a lot of time researching anti bullying and took a lot of care with their presentation in their posters.

The 2 winners were given the opportunity to select prizes of their choice from Argos! The children then received their prizes in assembly in front of the school. 1st placed NA chose a sparkly bag, and a large stationary set. 2nd placed Fahima received her prize which was a candle and a backpack. The children were happy to receive the prizes for their hard work and effort in creating the posters.

Well done to NA and Fahima!