Stanton Bridge Primary School

Previously Run Workshops


Parent Prevent course

In 2017 we have held Prevent workshops with parents, this workshop promoted the Prevent agenda and safeguarding. As a school we recognise that safeguarding against radicalisation is no different from safeguarding against any other vulnerability.  At Stanton Bridge we build pupils’ resilience to radicalisation by promoting fundamental British values and enabling our pupils to challenge extremist views. 


Radicalisation Awareness Workshop

Balbir and Viv, who are our Local Authority Prevent Officers came into school to deliver a workshop on raising awareness of radicalisation and what signs to watch out for. The parents  were advised of the process to take if their children are being radicalised. The workshop was very successful and many parents attended the workshop. We hope to deliver similar workshops to parents in the near future. 
For further information on Radicalisation and the Prevent duty please speak to Mr Thuhel at Stanton Bridge Primary School. 


Coventry School Nurses November 2016


In November we held a very successful coffee morning with Coventry School Nurses attending and offering general health advice and specific advice for parents and carers. 

We will be holding these meetings each term throughout the school year. If there are any topics or support you would like discussed in the next meeting (date to be confirmed) please inform the front office.






Alimente cooking club

Teaching healthy lifestyle and advice where to get cheap but good quality food.

Alimente then led onto Around the World with Stanton Bridge.

Parents from different countries and background came to cook together and share recipes. This workshop promoted integration and community cohesion.


Basic Skills Workshops

We have previously ran free 10 week accredited courses for parents to develop their basic skills.

Roma Coffee morning

Parents and children were invited to attend a coffee morning which was organised through our cluster group. We invited our cluster schools to come and share some of their positive stories. It was in an informal environment and which encouraged parents and children to talk to each other.

Happy Hour Healthy lifestyle program

Parents were invited to take part in this project which encouraged taking part in activities with their children. Parents were able to develop their leadership skills and take ownership of the club. Children were able to take part in fun games with their parents.

Parent Zumba

A 12 week Zumba course that was delivered to parents. These fun and engaging session were popular with our parents.

Parent behavior workshop

This group helped developed the parents understanding of behaviour and how they can support Stanton Bridge with outstanding practice.