Stanton Bridge Primary School

Parent Questionnaires

At Stanton Bridge Primary School we carry out regular surveys to get a sense of feeling and direction regarding areas for future development and work. 


Parent and Carers Wellbeing Questionnaire July 2019

Parent and carers wellbeing questionnaire Jul 2019


KS1&2 Parent and Carers Questionnaire  June 2019

KS1 & 2 Parent questionnaire June 2019


Nursery and Reception Parent and Carers Questionnaire Febraury 2019

Nursery and Reception Questionnaire Feb 2019


Parent and Carers Questionnaire Summer 2018

Please take a look at our questionnaire which highlights the strengths according to our parent/carer community and what might be deemed as development.  It is always good for a school to know how the vast majority of our parents feel about their children's school.

Questionnaire Summer 2018