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At Stanton Bridge Primary School, we believe that reading for pleasure is an important aspect of pupil’s development of not only academic skills but life skills. It encompasses a wide range of genres and publications, and includes both fiction and non-fiction. For example, gardening or cookery books can be read as instructional texts in order to carry out specific tasks, but can also be read purely for pleasure. Similarly, fiction is often considered to be read for pleasure – but may also be read for academic study.

Reading for pleasure is no longer restricted to the printed word but increasingly includes online reading, whether on a website, or via an e-reader such as a Kindle.  We encompass this in our curriculum by reading range of genres and texts by many different authors in the form of both books, e-books and videos.  Pupils across the school create a range of written pieces using the texts as a stimulus, which they present using different medias encouraging digital literacy. 


Why read for pleasure?

Reading is a skill that becomes better with practice, it is critical for ensuring that the practice needed to become fluent becomes part of the learners’ everyday life, and is not just seen as a classroom-based activity.

There are a range of benefits gained from reading for pleasure:

  • it increases sense of achievement, confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness
  • it widens horizons
  • you can do it anywhere
  • it develops relationships and promotes inclusion and empathy through sharing opinions and ideas
  • it prevents boredom and promotes relaxation.

We ask that parents support us in promoting a love for reading by carrying out simple every tasks with their children.  These may include:

  • reading daily with your child – ask them to read to you and you read to them
  • going on trips to the library
  • reading food packages, signs, leaflets etc.
  • reading magazines, newspapers, cookery books etc.

A pupil’s love for reading will undoubtedly impact on their writing skills as they develop their language, vocabulary, story-telling and sense of imagination. 

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