Stanton Bridge Primary School


Year 2 is an interesting, challenging and exciting year for the children. The teachers who have the joy of seeing the children mature, develop and learn are Mrs. Mahmood and Miss. Jeys. They will also be supported by Miss. Lucas.

As they progress through the year they will be exposed to interesting and thought-provoking opportunities both through their study of the curriculum and extracurricular activities. They will also have the opportunity to become part of the student council and other whole school jobs to help develop their independence. 

Their learning will all be leading up to their SATs tests which will take place in May. We will ensure, with your support, that all children are thoroughly prepared for this. 


There are many highlights of year 2, these include: 

  • The study of a variety of traditional and modern texts will be our main focus. We will be reading, exploring, acting out and writing a variety of stories and non-fiction texts based on these excellent texts. 

  • A trip to the Coventry cathedral as photographers by commuting as passengers on a bus. 

  • A wide and varied selection of Geography and History topics, looking at stain glass windows, and a range of transport including the first ever hot air balloon, steam trains and the production of cars.

  • Developing our creative skills in Art and D&T, designing our own cathedral and making them using papier mache as well as designing and making our own stain glass windows.

  • Becoming confident in using and applying maths to solve real life problems.