Stanton Bridge Primary School


Yearly Overview:  NURSERY


Welcome to our Nursery


Stanton Bridge Nursery


At Stanton Bridge Nursery we ensure that all children are provided with a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment.  This enables the children to engage in high quality learning experiences on a daily basis.


Making relationships - Key person:


We understand that every child is a ‘unique individual’ who may develop at different rates and at varied stages. Therefore our dedicated, caring and experienced Early Years team are committed to provide a positive environment where children and their families feel safe and valued. Careful planning takes into account of each child’s individual needs, abilities and interests.  This is informed by sensitive listening, observations and reflection by skilled staff. Therefore, in our nursery a ‘key person’ system is in place.  A ‘key person’ has special responsibilities for working with a group of thirteen children, giving them reassurance to feel safe and cared for, and building relationships with parents/carers. This system provides the children with opportunities to develop positive self-esteem and to grow holistically.


Our rewards system:


Our children are self-motivated individuals whose achievements are celebrated on a daily basis within our nursery. Children are rewarded for demonstrating attributes such as confidence, perseverance, kindness, helpfulness and good behaviour for learning.