Stanton Bridge Primary School


Art Statement of intent

At Stanton Bridge, our intent is to develop pupil’s creativeness and confidence in expressing themselves. We want them to be expressive individuals. Our curriculum inspires and allows children to do through exploring the different aspects of art. They find uniqueness and individual creative styles.

We absolutely aim to support children in developing and mastering a range of artistic skills and techniques. Pupils practice a wide range of art including observational skills, texture, sculpting and experimenting with a range of media, to enhance their knowledge and understanding of these different art skills and techniques. This is accomplished by incorporating exciting, diverse topics/ activities within our MTPs throughout the year groups.

Pupils are introduced to and will learn about famous artists, designers and sculptors who have influenced our lives, the art world and our surroundings. They have the opportunity to visit these iconic places, bringing art to life. They are made aware of the history of art and can critically analyse how art has changed or influenced artists over time. We explore iconic artists and their styles of work to support pupils in developing their self-reflective skills and confidence. From this process of exposure, pupils will show confidence in experimenting with different styles of art, to achieve a good understanding of media/ art forms and to accept cultures and art itself.

Below is the Art curriculum overview for the whole school. 

Art Overview