Stanton Bridge Primary School

Thematic Curriculum

Curriculum Statement

At Stanton Bridge we have designed an inclusive, broad, rich and creative curriculum which provides our pupils with engaging and meaningful learning experiences to inspire, enthuse and challenge learning. Our curriculum aims to develop our learners and give them skills ready for them to fully access the 21st Century jobs market and to be fully prepared for life in modern British society.


Due to the context of our school we have ensured that through our curriculum pupils are given real life experiences, life skills and worldly knowledge. We will achieve this through educational visits, virtual reality experiences and creative learning opportunities involving our local community and local businesses partnerships. We recognise that pupils need to become reflective, critical and adaptable thinkers that are resilient and are able to find things out for themselves and our creative and challenging curriculum allows pupils to develop and build on these skills from an early age.


We also value pupils identifying a purpose for learning, and we believe this is achieved through creating strong links across subjects and topics. Our curriculum is designed so that all learning opportunities are purposeful, and pupils are given the opportunities to consolidate and deepen their knowledge across all subjects. Further to this we ensure that our curriculum identifies pupils’ opportunities to apply their core knowledge and skills in English, Mathematics and Science across all subject areas. As our focus is to develop learners that are ready for the 21st Century job market, we have ensured that modern technology is ingrained across all subject areas, ensuring our pupils are fully technology literate and ready to enter the fast-changing world we live in.


Our key vision and aim is to create excellent communicators. Across our curriculum we have designed opportunities from early years to year 6 for pupils to debate, articulate, present and discuss ideas across all subject areas. We have adopted a P4C (Philosophy for Children) approach to learning and this is present throughout our curriculum, which in turn deepens our pupil’s ability to communicate across a wide range of challenging subject areas. Stanton Bridge pupils are given a voice and involved in planning and decision making and they are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning in a variety of ways, such as peer and independent learning opportunities. In doing this we intend to foster a lifelong love a learning.