Stanton Bridge Primary School



At Stanton Bridge, our aim is to provide all pupils with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the future. Whilst we are committed to providing a high-quality education which will provide children with the academic knowledge to enable them to do this, we recognise a rounded curriculum is of huge importance. Spark was developed to provide learning opportunities through high quality and exciting experiences, allowing pupils to discover and nurture whatever talent they may have.

Spark was introduced in September 2019, with activities designed in consultation with pupils in order to reflect their own interests, with all teachers, teaching assistants and members of our governing body leading an academically or vocationally titled course. We have introduced a variety of courses including design and crafts, woodwork, care in the local community, languages, mindfulness and a variety of sports activities. There truly is something for everybody!

Spark is held every Friday at 2pm. During this time every available space is used and the school is buzzing with excitement.

Since introducing Spark to the pupils of Stanton Bridge we have seen a positive impact of pupil’s confidence and self-awareness. Pupils are more willing to try something that they have never experienced before and are more capable of expressing themselves clearly. Pupils have learnt many skills during Spark and are beginning to apply these skills to different areas of the curriculum. Furthermore we have seen an increased interest in pupils' future aspirations with many pupils suggesting that they would like to continue their course in the future as a career option.

Please keep an eye on this page to see photographs and videos of children participating in their chosen activities. We also have an exciting showcase coming soon!

If you, as a parent, have any talents or skills you think you would like to share with out pupils, please get in touch with our Spark lead – Mrs. Good.