Stanton Bridge Primary School

British Science Week 2018

Each year Stanton Bridge takes part in British Science Week. This year we held a range of exciting experiences for the children.

British Science Week is run by the British Science Association it is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, featuring entertaining and engaging events and activities across the UK for people of all ages.

  • Space VR

Space is the final frontier, and everybody should have
a chance to be a part of exploring it and, in turn, being influenced by it. Our children experienced wonder
when exploring the universe.

Please visit our YouTube channel to watch
Space VR Video


  • Forensic Science

This workshop involved finding clues, piecing together a puzzle, and solving the mysteries left behind at a crime scene. 

Forensic science includes the preservation and reconstruction of evidence after time has passed. 

Please visit our YouTube channel to watch Forensic Science Video

  • Silly Science

 This workshop involved funny science facts for kids. 
 Our children loved the cool, crazy, strange, funny,
 weird, odd, bizarre and wacky information.
 They learnt lots of interesting facts that was taught in
 an enjoyable way. All the children had a wonderful

 Please visit our YouTube channel to watch
 Silly Science Video


  • Alpha Dome

During Science week, all children experienced the awe and wonder of the amazing Alpha Dome!

A variety of planets, planetoids and moons orbit our sun. What
if humans could visit them. Where would we land? What kind of colony would we build? 

The Alpha Dome selects real destinations with different terrains, temperatures, energy sources and gravity – creating realistic environments with reasons to be there and ways to have fun. With muscles and bones made on Earth, you’ll be a superstar on the solar system’s low-gravity worlds.



  • Gadget Shop

We ran a hugely successful Gadget shop during science week.

This was  extremely popular and completely sold out in just two days! 

The items that were available reflected British Science, there was an assortment of gadgets, gizmos, curiosities and toys, all related to science!

  • Raffle

There was a Science raffle which was popular throughout school. The lucky winners received fantastic gifts to increase their scientific curiosity and understanding. Well done to those winners.