Stanton Bridge Primary School

Year 5 Pop-Up restaurant

As part of their Design and Technology curriculum, the children have been studying aspects of food and culture from EU countries. Yesterday year 5 was filled with a buzz of electricity as they opened Stanton Bridge's first ever pop-up restaurant. The parents were the first guests to walk through the doors and experience the fabulous food the children had spent the day preparing and cooking.

Starter: French onion soup served with a baguette
Main- Ardei Umpluti - Stuffed peppers with rice, carrots and cheese
Dessert- Clatitie - Romanian pancakes served with a filling

The children developed a range of skills including: kneading dough, chopping, slicing, peeling, grating as well as their communication skills. Both children and parents really enjoyed the historic day and requests have already been sent in for the Christmas meal!


On Tuesday 5th November in year 5 we experienced a Design and Technology day. We spent the whole day learning how to cook French and Romanian foods. These included; French Onion soup, Romanian stuffed peppers and Romanian pancakes with bananas, strawberries and chocolate sauce. Then we served them to parents in the hall, with robots that we had programmed to entertain us whilst we ate! We had even decorated the hall and made menus for our food.