Stanton Bridge Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages


Our intent at Stanton Bridge Primary School is providing our children with a firm foundation for learning further languages as they continue their journey into key stage 3 and beyond. We equip our children with the means to widen their horizons, leading, in the future: to study and work in other countries to develop and to enhance international links.


Our French curriculum aims to promote children’s desire to discover more about other countries and cultures, providing them with opportunities to develop both their written and oral language skills. Children are given a variety a texts to read and real life contexts to which they can apply their knowledge. As a result, as children progress through the school, they will develop a deeper understanding of the multi-lingual world in which we live in.


Through a clear structure of sequenced teaching and learning, pupils are able to continually build on their vocabulary and refine their pronunciation skills. A range of engaging activities ensures that children are fully immersed in their learning: from role plays to the use of Native French speakers. This provides pupils with a sense of purpose and a realisation of the application of their skills. Explicit links are made to the British values: mutual respect and tolerance of different cultures as well linking to SMSC -Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. For example, when pupils learn about the difference in culture and during our French Language days.


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