Stanton Bridge Primary School

Online Safety

Here at Stanton Bridge Primary School we believe Online Safety is paramount. We work closely with Coventry City Council and the Warwickshire ICT Development Service and are currently working towards the 360 Degree Safe accreditation.
We believe that it is the right of every child to feel safe and secure when using technology. We have embedded it into each year group and especially in the Computing and PSHCEE lessons, we teach how to use technology correctly and responsibly. We also focus on how to deal with problems or when they feel unsafe. We feel that children need to use technology correctly at home too and have some simple procedures which we feel could be used at home.
What do we teach children?
♦  We ensure children understand what online abuse looks like.
♦  We ensure that know what to do if they have an issue online.
♦  We ensure that children know who to talk to.
♦  We ensure children know and follow the SMART rules.
Keep safe by being careful not to give out personal information to people. This means your full name, home address, home phone number, your school name plus many more.
Meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be dangerous. How do you know that they are who they say they are? You should never meet up with someone you have met online.
Accepting emails, instant messages like face-chat, or opening files, pictures or texts from people you don't know or trust can lead to problems - they may contain dangerous viruses. If in doubt delete it and then find a grown up you trust and tell them.
Information you find on the internet may not be true, or someone online may be lying about who they are.
Tell your parents/carers or a trusted grown up if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried online. Examples of trusted adults could be your teacher, caretaker, volunteers, office staff or your headteacher.
Each year we celebrate online safety day by spending the day participating in activities to help us stay safe online.
This year the theme was ‘All Fun and Games’. Take a look at some of our pictures from the event.


Where Can I Find Out More?

If you would like to find out more about how to keep your child safe online, please visit these websites. 



We have provided these guides to help you support your child to access their favourite websites and games safely. Click on the symbol to find out more.