Stanton Bridge Primary School


We aim to develop children’s ability to read, understand and enjoy a wide range of literature. We have a structured reading scheme, consisting of a wide variety of books for early, independent and more competent readers. Home involvement is encouraged through the use of reading diaries. Phonics teaching is a key element of early reading and we utilise the ‘Read Write Inc’ programme from Reception.

The school has a well-resourced library, which provides an attractive learning environment for the children. Children need to read a range of different texts by different authors. Please take your child/ren to the library to expose them to the wealth of amazing fiction and non-fiction texts.

When you are out at the supermarket, get your child/ren to read signs, packages, labels and leaflets. Help them to understand that text is there to give them information and meaning of the world around them.

Reading 2017-18

For the year 2017-18 Stanton Bridge has invested heavily in new reading materials to further engage and motivate children to read.

Every child will be bringing a book home daily, it is vital that you read this book with your child every night. After hearing your child read, please sign their reading diary as rewards will be given to our children who read daily at home.

It is important that parents support children to respect and take care of the reading materials that they are bringing home. 

We expect reading books to be brought into school every day. If books are not being brought into school daily, the following will be enforced: 

  1. If a child does not have their book you will receive a letter asking you to return the book or pay a £5 fine.
  2. If the book or payment has not been received by 1 week then you will be contacted to come into school for a meeting by the reading manager. 

If you wish to discuss this further please contact Mrs Good.