Stanton Bridge Primary School


Handwriting is an essential part of our ability to communicate effectively though writing. Time devoted to the teaching and learning of letter formation in the early years will pay off. Legible writing that can be produced comfortably, at speed and with little conscious effort allows children to confidently access the high-level aspects of composition and content. Without fast and legible handwriting, pupils may miss out on learning opportunities and not achieve to their full potential.

At Stanton Bridge, we begin to teach handwriting right from Early Years. Mark making activities are encouraged daily through our continuous provision, as well as activities that develop both gross and fine motor skills. Across the school, children follow the Nelson Handwriting Scheme, which introduces cursive handwriting to children in Year 1 and 2, and then allows them develop their own personal style across KS2. 

Children are taught handwriting weekly, and then given opportunity to practise their skills daily during register time. Handwriting skills are also consolidated whenever children write, where they are expected to apply their knowledge of the joins they have been taught. If a child’s handwriting needs further development, they will be given the opportunity to practise further during intervention sessions. Our specialist PE coaches are also fully trained in developing children’s motor skills in all PE sessions. 

Handwriting Guide