Stanton Bridge Primary School



Our School is such a caring and rewarding school. We love that our achievements are always recognised.

Summer 2021

AQA Celebrations

Some of our children have done brilliantly to complete AQA accredited courses around confidence, communication, social skills, and teamwork. Sessions took place weekly for a period of 8 weeks and children learnt lots. In addition to receiving certificates, Mrs. Islam kindly allowed the children to choose prizes from Argos. The children were very happy to receive their prizes and really enjoyed the courses!

Children who had 100% attendance since 8/03/21 were rewarded with £5 each from Mrs Islam! Keep up the excellent work. Coming to school daily is so important for children's learning. Thank you to the parents for encouraging good attendance & for working together with the school.

Autumn 2020/21

All pupils who haven't had a single day off school this term were rewarded with a £5.00 note. Please encourage your children to attend school every day as this has a positive impact on their mental health and well being as well as improved academic performance. Just take a look at one of our very happy prize winners.

Good to Be Green
Good to be Green is linked to the school’s behaviour policy, each term we review behaviour and those children who have had excellent learning attitude, not turned their cards even once, have a special reward. This time they received a custom made doughnut and sweets! Should your child wish to receive a treat, they have to stay green all term! Below are pictures of three of our Good to be Green winners with their yummy doughnuts!

TTRS Competition

TT Rockstars winners from the TTRS Maths England Week. Fantastic effort from all that took part. Below are the two winners. 


Autumn 2019/20

Good to be Green Reward

Children that were Good to be Green all term since September were rewarded with a special treat. They watched a movie in the hall and enjoyed some snacks. They also did some dancing to Just dance and had some delicious chocolate fountain. Well done to all the children who stayed green, we are very proud of you!

100% Attendance Award

Children that have come to school every day since September, and haven’t got any lates were each rewarded with a £5 note. We are so proud of these children for coming to school every day as this has a positive impact on their learning.

In total 90 children from year 1-6 received the £5 notes and children in Nursery and Reception with 100% attendance each received packets of chocolate. 

Summer 2019

Science IMovie competition winners

Harmony 1 had an amazing time visiting Cadbury World. They were thrilled to win the trip as a prize for coming first in the Science Week IMovie competition. They enjoyed learning about where chocolate originates and of course, eating lots of chocolate! Thank you Mrs Shelina for the amazing prize! 

Autumn 2018/19

Cinema & Nandos reward trip

Some children were selected to attend a special trip for their outstanding behaviour and attitude towards learning. We started the exciting trip to the cinema and we watched the new 'Johnny English'. The children really enjoyed the movie and found it very amusing. We then went to Nandos for lunch, the children ordered some delicious chicken and chips which they thoroughly enjoyed. We will be keeping an eye out for children to take on the next trip.


Well done to those children who received their 100% treat for the first half of the Autumn term. We had a massive 232 pupils who got 100% attendance for the first Autumn half term, all of these children received the chocolate fountain as a treat. Our school's attendance is 96.2% which is a great start to the academic year. Keep an eye out for the post, there is a message for parents and something extra coming your way!

We would like to thank our parents and carers for their continuous support and highlighting the importance of attendance and education. Children who did not get 100% this half term, let's see if you can get 100% next term, there may be a treat for you.

Well done to those classes who received the weekly 100% attendance as a class for several consecutive weeks. There may be a special trip for a particular class next half term, let's see if they can continue getting 100% attendance as a class next half term.

100% Attendance Autumn Term 2018

Children in our School that had 100% attendance between September and December were rewarded with amazing treats! Firstly, their names were announced in assembly and they were given a round of applause from everybody. After this, children in Nursery and Reception that achieved 100% attendance were each given large Chocolate bars!  The children from Year 1-6 that achieved 100% attendance were each given £5 notes! Many children decided to spend their money in our School tuck shop which we have on Fridays. Other children decided to save their money instead.


The children were delighted to receive their prizes and are motivated to continue to attend School every day. Well done to all the children who achieved 100%. 

Good to be Green

We have got many children who have been 'Green' all half term. This means they have not turned their cards around and have displayed outstanding behaviour. Well done and we are really proud of your achievements. There will be a treat for you in the first couple weeks of next half term. Let's see who will be involved in the next Good to be Green treat!

Times Tables Rock Stars (TT Rock Stars)

Here at Stanton Bridge we are very proud of our students’ achievements. Shahmir has used persistence in becoming the number one student in TT Rock Stars. He has become a Rock Hero and has become unbeatable in school! Shahmir had the choice of any prize he wanted and he chose a fantastic one. Well done for all of his hard work, keep on TT Rocking!  

Year 6 post SATs celebration

We are very proud of our year 6 children and their achievements. In order to celebrate their success Mrs. Islam organised for them to visit the cinema followed by a trip to Nandos for lunch. The children also enjoyed the disco after their graduation. Both children and teachers had a great time!

Year 3 Attendance award Trip

Cadbury world

Year 3 won the prize for the 100% attendance and their reward was a trip of their choice. They chose a trip to Cadbury world in Birmingham. 

The children learnt about Mayan history and enjoyed the wonders of chocolate!

“It was brilliant; I would love to go again!” 
“Our minds were blown!”
“I hope my class wins another 100% attendance again!”

The children were able to experience the different processes taking place when creating the different chocolates. They had access to viewing the different machines and seeing them produce a range of chocolates. 

Much to their excitement, the children were given the opportunity to try the delicious chocolate. The trio was fantastic! All children and staff enjoyed learning about the Mayans and the production of chocolate.