Stanton Bridge Primary School


Attendance Race


Attendance is an absolute must if our children are to achieve outstanding outcomes in their learning.  In acknowledgement of this, we have an initiative that enables promotion and recognition through celebration.
This initiative was devised by pupils of Stanton Bridge and it is  an whole class approach over each half term to increase school attendance, and thus to move on the race track each class must score in attendance:

  • 3 points for 100% attendance for the whole week
  • 2 points for 95-99% attendance for the whole week
  • 1 point for 90-94% attendance for the whole week
Points for each week are announced in an assembly every Thursday and the racing cars moved around the track towards the finishing line.
At the end of each half term the class that sits ‘1st’, ‘2nd’ and ‘3rd’ place is  announced and celebrated.
However, any class that achieves four out of 6 weeks of 100% attendance is awarded an extra treat- of their choice. The very last class went on a trip to Cadbury world as their reward choice.