Stanton Bridge Primary School


Everyday our children are fortunate enough to enjoy a whole school assembly. These assemblies are linked in to PSHCEE and citizenship and cover many broad topics, which encourage children to reflect about themselves and the world around us. 
  • House point / House of Values assembly is held every Thursday and children have a chance to collectively celebrate the house that collects the most points that week. 

  • Every Friday we have the star award assembly, which celebrates the children's achievements, ranging from excellent presentation to hard work in all subjects. 

  • Assembly topics are reviewed each year and take into account need in the community and current affairs. 

  • We try to include a range of topics and link in to safety and welfare e.g. Road Safety, Anti-Bullying, Online Safety. They are subject to slight change - for instance if a whole school issue or current affair comes to light which we feel needs addressing. 

We are a multi cultural school and aim to ensure our assemblies include reflections of lots of different ideas, cultures and faiths whilst encouraging our shared values of respect and democracy.