Stanton Bridge Primary School

Achievements and Awards

Here at Stanton Bridge we are a very successful school and there are lots of news and rewards to advertise and acknowledge.
Here you will gain a full insight into the wealth of activity within our School community!



We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the 'Leading parent partnership award' (LPPA). Thank you to all parents for engaging and cooperating with us throughout the process. Going through this process helped us to further enhance our parental provision and to identify any existing gaps.


This morning all children who achieved 100% attendance during the Spring term were rewarded with a £5 note each.  A huge congratulations to all 105 children! Spend it wisely! 


After reading a story on World Book Day, Miss Cooper set children a challenge of writing or drawing about the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. There were lots of entries that were all judged by Mrs Islam, Dr Rixon and Miss Cooper. A huge congratulations to:

1st Place - Maliha

2nd Place - Ann

3rd Place - Anhaar

Cin‚Äčema Party

On Friday 18/1/19 many of the pupils of Stanton Bridge were given the privilege of attending a cinema party. Pupils enjoyed the popcorn and refreshment provided. This treat was a well deserved reward for children who were 'Good to be Green' last half term. As the children had lots of fun, they are motivated and determined to continue demonstrating good behaviour in school so they may be included in future treats!

If any children want to make any recommendations of the next 'Good to be Green' treat, please come and let Mr Mohammed know.

iFly (Skydiving)

On Monday 11th June the children in class 3C were rewarded for winning the Science Week iMovie inter-class competition which concerned the investigation of the physical reaction created when combining Mentos with Coca-Cola.

We travelled down to the iFly Centre in Milton Keynes, which specialises in indoor skydiving and has a wind tunnel which produces upward winds of upto 110mph! All children were first given a pre-flight brief and told clear instructions on how to enter, exit and conduct themselves during their time in the wind tunnel. 

Following this, each small group went to the Flight Deck and took turns entering the wind tunnel with the instructor. Each child was given the opportunity to have at least two turns (both of which were nearly double the length of skydiving from an actual plane!).

We were then treated to a ‘show’ from our instructors, who were able to demonstrate what can be achieved with lots of practise! It was truly incredible! 

Miss Begum, Miss Cooper and Mr Christon were all incredibly impressed with the children’s attitude toward giving it a go! (Something we bet a lot of adults would be too scared to attempt!) We are so pleased they have all managed to go some way to achieving their White Wings (Level 1) Award in Skydiving and received certificates for this.

Year 3 loved their iFly experience; here are some of their comments:

Dear Mrs. Islam, thank you for giving us this wonderful trip it was the best trip ever!


Thank you Mrs. Islam for giving us the wonderful experience of flying.


Thank you for letting us have a once in a lifetime experience!


Miss Cooper

This was an amazing once in a lifetime experience for both the staff and pupils – it really tested pupil’s resilience and they had to work hard to overcome their fears.  It was inspiring to see pupils persist and work as a team to encourage each other and the teachers to fly in the wind tunnel. 

Thank you Mrs Islam!


Times Tables Rock Stars (TT Rock Stars)

Here at Stanton Bridge we are very proud of our students’ achievements. Shahmir has used persistence in becoming the number one student in TT Rock Stars. He has become a Rock Hero and has become unbeatable in school! Shahmir had the choice of any prize he wanted and he chose a fantastic one. Well done for all of his hard work, keep on TT Rocking!