Stanton Bridge Primary School

Middle Managers
Mrs. Sangha Pastoral curriculum and Language Lead 

It has been a privilege working at Stanton Bridge for the last 8 years, with every year being different from the previous one, with its challenges and rewards. I have seen the school continue to transform, to move forward within the 21st century. Furthermore, it has made positive changes, to make a difference to the community that we serve. I believe that our pupils are at a great advantage to be taught in a focused and positive environment. I started working in Year 5 and further developed my experiences to take on additional roles and responsibilities. I am fortunate to work closely with an inclusive, supportive and dedicated team; who share the head teacher’s vision and expectations. 

We are relentless in our common values to achieve our desired outcomes and have a drive to continually improve and reflect in teaching and learning. There are no limits on what we can achieve, when we work together. I also have the responsibility of French, P4C (Philosophy for Children), PSHCEE, R.E (which is embedded through P4C) and developing support staff. In the past I have also supported in an EAL project alongside one of the chair of governors.  

I am passionate about my role, I ensure that I lead by example and always have time for my team no matter what support they require. I am driven by my desire, to ensure that every pupil reaches their potential, regardless of their background and that the highest quality of provision takes place in an enjoyable manner. I am excited for the challenges that lie ahead and will continue to strive and grow in my teaching/leadership role.


Mrs. Good Curriculum Leader

Working at Stanton Bridge for the last 7 years has been a pleasure. I joined the school when I graduated University and I have had the delight of developing my skills and knowledge through being part of a highly dynamic and motivating team. The children and community immediately made me feel welcome and to this day I love being part of our supportive, caring community.

During the past 7 years I have taught across the school, before then focusing my efforts on leading Key Stage One, after discovering that this age group is where my passion and skills lie. My first management role was leading and raising the profile of Music across the school. I discovered that management of a subject enables you to inspire other staff members of staff to become the best they can be. Leading on from this, I became the school Children’s University leader. This role enabled me to develop my strengths leading across the whole school, particularly communicating with and organising all members of staff. During this time I successfully completed my NPQML qualification.  

Being passionate about the development of reading skills, particularly in younger children, has lead me to my current focus of ensuring that every child at Stanton Bridge becomes an enthusiastic and confident reader. Working alongside members of the SLT, I hope to inspire other members of staff, children and members of the wider community to have goals and aspirations. I also aim to provide knowledge to help them achieve these and reach their full potential.

My belief is that every child should have equal opportunities, and be in a setting that challenges, inspires and is relentless in every child becoming the best they can be. I truly believe that no goal is too big, and that the drive for excellence at Stanton Bridge will allow every child to do this. I am excited to continue shaping the lives of young people through my role in the senior leadership team, and I am privileged to work as part of such a supportive, motivating team who are all committed to providing the very best education for all children.


Mrs. Vaghela Phase 2 Leader

I joined Stanton Bridge Primary School in 2019 after moving from working at an inner city school in Birmingham for 7 years. I studied at Newman University following my childhood dreams of becoming a teacher. After 3 years of higher education, I qualified with a degree in Primary Education with English (BA Hons) and have never looked back since! My teaching career began with a very successful NQT year teaching a Year 5 class. After this, I was placed in Year 6 where I was promoted to Year Group Leader after 2 years. I then led Year 2 for 4 years and was appointed as Phase Manager at Stanton Bridge Primary School where I'll be leading Year 1, 2 and 3 and Maths.

I am so passionate about teaching and learning and ensuring all children leave primary education with life long skills and a drive to be successful. I pride myself on developing children's mindsets to set themselves ambitious goals and have a strong self confidence. As Nelson Mandela once said "It always seems impossible until it's done." I believe education is vital for all children and is the key to unlocking a world filled with incredible opportunities.

It is truly a privilege to be working in a school where not only my colleagues share the same vision, but so do the students! Stanton Bridge Primary School oozes motivation, enthusiasm and an attitude of excellence. I cannot wait to continue to inspire and support everyone here through my role as part of the Middle Managers Team.


Mr. Satchwell Phase 3 Leader

I have recently joined Stanton Bridge after teaching for 7 years in Warwickshire. Now in my 8th year of teaching, I am both excited and delighted to join the enthusiastic and dedicated staff team and become a part of the Stanton Bridge community.

In my role at Stanton Bridge, I will be teaching in year 5 and leading the KS2 team as KS2 Phase Manager, with a focus on years 4, 5 and 6. As an educator, I believe in providing all pupils with opportunities, challenge and the encouragement to strive to be the best they can be. I look forward to watching all the children at Stanton Bridge grow, develop and mature into aspiring young individuals who are well prepared for the next stage of their lives.

As an individual, I pride myself on being caring, approachable and driven. With these qualities I hope to inspire both the children and staff around me and help contribute to the growing success of Stanton Bridge.

I am excited for the challenges ahead and I look forward to working in partnership with the Head Teacher, governors, staff, parents and pupils at this school. 

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