Stanton Bridge Primary School

Reception Oracy Project 2019

Reception Oracy Project 2019

During the workshop, we created characters from ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ stories. Each child took home a set of story puppets that they created with their parents. This allowed them to practise retelling the story at home.

Throughout the project, the children developed their knowledge of the story and were confident in retelling the story to their parents, using story language. The parents were impressed with their child’s story language. The parents gave feedback after the session and said how much their child has enjoyed using their stick puppets at home and that they have even been performing in front of their family.

Parent Feedback

“It was really fun to do all of this with my child. I remember from when I was a child. Thank you.”

“We enjoyed it and it’s a good idea to get creative with the kids.”

“A great opportunity to spend time being creative with the children.”

“I really enjoyed the session. The children had fun and it was nice to see them working hard in Reception.”

“Thanks for your hard work. We are very happy about the event and your hard work. Thanks again.”

“I love this workshop because it gives me a chance to see the teachers and talk about my child and I also have fun during the workshop.”