Stanton Bridge Primary School

Cluster Schools

Stanton Bridge Primary School is part of a cluster of 10 schools, ranging from those in close proximity to those a good distance away. Whilst reflecting some similarities in contextual factors, it too sets us apart in terms of the individual school’s and their social context. Within the 10 schools, four belong to one multi academy trust.  However, the schools all work well together and whilst working on common areas for development, are free to work with any one school requesting and supporting in areas deemed right for the schools’ concerned. 


The strategic plans are devised by Head Teacher’s and Deputy Head Teacher's, influenced by priorities stemming from school evaluation and LA agendas for concentration in order to raise standards for all pupils. This is shared with all groups within the cluster to action by team leads,  of which there are many.  

This year the common priorities and areas of focus are:


  •  Speaking and listening

  •   Language development 

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