Stanton Bridge Primary School

Anti Bullying workshop - Loudmouth

Anti Bullying workshop - Loudmouth

On Friday 16/11/18, we had an anti bullying workshop for children in the hall. The session was delivered by staff members from Loudmouth (Visit for more information on them). The staff acted out a play for the children where they played victims being bullied, and then changed into ‘’Bully busters’’ who challenged bullying and came up with solutions. The children were taught the following things in a fun and exciting way;

*   STOP concept-‘several times on purpose’

*   Different types of bullying such as physical and emotional

*   Information about childline and the contact number

*   ‘’Don’t be a bystander be a friend’’

*   What cyber bullying is and how to deal with it

*   Information about mental health and counselling 

The children loved the session and asked lots of questions at the end