Stanton Bridge Primary School

Parking outside of school

Parking outside of school

As you are all aware, our school is situated in an area for which parking is difficult during peak school times due to the narrow road layout and dead end.

Parents parking outside the main entrance are blocking the gates and causing chaos – this presents a health and safety hazard to pupils, staff, parents, carers and visitors. 

Should an incident occur, emergency vehicles would be unable to access the school – this could potentially cause a life threatening situation.  It also presents a danger of parents and pupils being hit by vehicles. 

We receive complaints daily about the situation at the start and end of the day and so have decided to take immediate action. 

Anyone found to have parked outside school in a position that is either causing a hazard or is blocking the main gates will be banned from the site with immediate effect.

I know you will all be supportive of this action, as it is to keep you and your children safe.